Crowd-Enabled Physical Asset Tracking

Locate and track all physical assets without complex infrastructure.

Get Flexible, Unrestricted Physical Asset Tracking

Tracking equipment, parts, inventory, and tools shouldn’t be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Haystack Magic’s unique, on-premises location and tracking solution leverages cloud technologies, smartphones, a relative location method of contextual mapping, and human associative memory triggers to deliver asset location information to a smartphone user.


Unleash the Magic of Crowd-Scanning

Enterprises need physical asset tracking solutions that make it easier to track equipment, parts, inventory, and shared tools to streamline operations, increase productivity, and improve efficiency. But traditional solutions are shackled by cumbersome, costly, or ineffective asset scanners, readers, and data gateways.

Haystack Magic provides a software as a service (SaaS) solution that eliminates the need for scanning hardware and complex infrastructure.

Haystack Magic’s physical asset tracking solution unleashes the full power of Bluetooth and the ubiquitous reach of crowd-scanning by employee smartphones to deliver the most flexible and cost-effective asset tracking option for enterprises.


Go Beyond Traditional Asset Tracking

With Haystack Magic, you can leverage the Bluetooth capabilities of employee smartphones to enable crowd-scanning of on-premises physical assets and realize the promise of the smart enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) today:

Streamline asset tracking deployment by eliminating scanners, readers, and data gateways.

Reduce asset tracking costs with a variety of standard low-cost commodity Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons for asset tags and location anchors.

Eliminate vendor lock-in with a hardware-agnostic SaaS solution that works with all BLE anchors and tags and any current smartphone.

Leverage intuitive contextual mapping of all assets in relation to each other to simplify asset recovery, redeployment, storage, maintenance, or liquidation.

Optimize operations with a consolidated view of all assets at a workplace, in a building, or across a campus.

Leverage BLE Beacons

The Haystack Magic asset tracking solution is built on a public cloud-based platform and a smartphone app, which are the result of years of research into the application of Bluetooth technologies for asset location and tracking. The solution leverages the flexibility of low-cost, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon anchors and tags to enable powerful, contextual asset location and tracking.

Enable Relative Location Mapping

The platform and the app are enabled by a powerful patented relative location method of contextual mapping, and proprietary algorithms engineered to harvest and process massive volumes of BLE beacon data. Asset location information processed by the algorithms is presented through an intuitive smartphone application with a user interface that shows the location of all assets in relation to each other. This contextual data is designed to stimulate associative memory triggers that make it easier for a user to locate and retrieve an asset.


How It Works


Standard commodity BLE beacon anchors are attached to fixed assets to mark locations.


Small form factor BLE beacon tags are attached to assets that move around with people, such as tools and equipment.


Bluetooth signals from anchors and tags are captured by the Haystack Magic app on employee and client smartphones whenever they are in proximity to an asset.


Captured data is then analyzed by the platform and presented back to the app as a list of asset locations in context with other tracked assets.

Optimize Operations

The end-to-end Haystack Magic solution can be easily deployed to fit the unique needs of any industry or enterprise operation, including:

Know Where Everything Is

Haystack Magic’s mission is to organize the world’s physical objects and make them universally accessible and useful.

The Haystack Magic physical asset tracking solution for enterprises is the first step towards that goal. It unleashes the full power of Bluetooth technology and the magic of crowd-scanning to enable the most flexible and cost-effective software as a service (SaaS) physical asset tracking option for enterprises.

The Team

Haystack Magic was founded by serial entrepreneurs and veterans of EMC, Google, and Texas Instruments.


Misha Nossik

President & CEO, Co-Founder

Misha Nossik is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record building successful startups and products from the ground up. As a pilot, he knows how to plan a flight and then fly the course, from takeoff to landing.


Dmitry Sotnikov

Chief Scientist, Co-Founder

Dmitry Sotnikov has amassed scores of accolades working at some of the world’s leading technology firms. With over a decade of experience, Dmitry’s innovative approaches have made him an expert in advanced algorithm development.


Brian O'Higgins


Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and Executive Fellow, Mistral Venture Partners Investment Fund


Vadim Gouterman


Partner and Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group